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Guide To Meeting Broadway Stars After The Show

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Typically, theatergoers venture to the stage door after attending a performance, and you might be asked to provide your ticket as proof of attendance to prevent overcrowding. If you intend to stagedoor and connect with Broadway stars, here's what you should know:

  1. Come prepared with a pen and something to be signed. Playbills are usually free and make for excellent mementos. Felt-tip pens are ideal for clear and easily legible signatures.

  2. Respect safety measures enacted by the theater. Some venues may request that you maintain physical distance or wear a mask to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, including the actors and venue staff.

  3. Be ready to wait. Actors might not emerge immediately, as they could be changing, eating, or hosting guests. Waiting can be a shared experience among theater enthusiasts, fostering conversations with fellow fans.

  4. Pay attention to guidance from theater staff. The security and ushers at the theater prioritize your well-being, so any instructions they provide are aimed at ensuring a well-organized stage door experience.

  5. Show respect to fellow theatergoers and the actors. Cutting in line, interrupting conversations, or engaging in disruptive behavior is frowned upon and can detract from the enjoyment of the stage door experience. A polite "thank you" to the actor and the staff is always appreciated, as they often set aside time to meet fans.

  6. Be gracious if an actor cannot participate in stagedooring. While it can be disappointing if an actor is unable to engage with fans at the stage door, fans are usually informed as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary waiting.

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